Poetry Reading “Forest Poems: Work by Kim Soun-Gui ”

Forest Poems (2021), the newly-commissioned work for this exhibition by Kim Soun-Gui, is an interactive video installation, with over 60 video pieces assembled.
During the exhibition, over 100 poets, artists and philosophers from across the globe will take part in online poetry readings, and the footage is also to be included in the installation as part of the work.
The program of poetry reading sessions will run only on full-moon days from April to September.

Date & Time
18:00-20:00, Wednesday, May 26, 2021

* Poetry Reading sessions will take place monthly – i.e. on the days of “full moon,” and the performances will be screened real-time and on site in the gallery, as part of the Kim Soun-Gui’s Forest Poems installation.
The dates are: Friday, June 25; Saturday, July 24; Sunday, August 22; and Tuesday, September 21.
Uematsu Keiji, Watanabe Nobuko, Martin Germann (Another Energy Co-Curator / Independent Curator) and others